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Photos --Check these out!! Photos --Check these out!! Buffy--Glamour Shots I'm too sexy for my shades!! 60016634 Undercover! Panda wears Prada!! 60016635 Twins! This is assuredly a case where the dog resembles her owner! 60016636 Panda Roo Eat your heart out, Paris Hilton! 60016637 Funny! It's all funny til someone gets hurt.... then it's hilarious!!!!! 60016638 Doggy Jazzercise!! And strretch!! Come on girls feel the burn! 60016639 Before the test.... What's a five letter word for study? 60016640 After the Test.... SLEEP!!!!!!! 60016641 Hide and go seek! Shhhhh! They will never find me in here! 60016642 These people have WAY to much time on their hands Can you say "Get a Life, People?" 60016643